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Hanging Frame Backlit 75/100m


For a single side hanging frame, wall lite frame 75mm / 100mm are the ideal frame to use. Both profiles have a single fabric groove in the front and ACP sheet backing. Depending on the area of the frame, we can choose the frame.

75mm Wall Lite Frame Assembly.JPG

Features / Product Specs

Profile Name               : Wall Lite Frame 75mm/ 100mm with 8 corner joints

Finish                             : Silver Anodized / Powder Coated

Fabric / textile              : PU Coated Polyester Fabric 160 GSM with Silicon Strip

Printing                         UV large format printing Roll-to-roll upto 5m

Lighting                        : Rigid Bars 12W/m , SMPS 100W, 200W, 300W

Print Size Limit            Upto 5m (16 feet)

Finish                             : Silver Anodized / Powder Coated

Warranty                       : Standard 1 year 

Input Voltage               : 240VAC / 12V DC output from SMP

Power Consumption  : 15W/ sq.ft

Brightness                     Lux Range 1000-1100 @ print surface 

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