Fabric Frame Lightbox

Fabric Frame Lightboxes are "Silicone edge graphics", best known as SEG Fabric Lightboxes used for instore retail branding. These frames are a clever combination of fabric and silicone/PVC strip. The silicone /PVC strip is stitched on the edge of the fabric as mounting mechanism on the aluminum profile. A clever integration of "ALUMINIUM FRAME" & "SILICONE EDGE FABRIC PRINT" gives us an impeccable quality of advertising frame. These frames are best suitabe for retail, mall, airports, exhibitions, and tradefairs. 

Wall mounted

Self standing frames

FSU Single side nonlit

Single side non lit free standing

FSU Single side Backlit

Single side backlit free standing

FSU Both side nonlit

Both side non lit free standing

FSU Both side backlit

Both side backlit free standing

hanging frames

Hanging one side nonlit

Single side hanging nonlit

Hanging both side Backlit

Single side hanging backlit

Hanging one side nonlit

Both side hanging nonlit

Hanging both side backlit

Both side hanging backlit




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