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QuickSEG - 1000mm W x 2000mm H with carry bag

QuickSEG System - 1000mm X 2000mm with Carry bag


  • Frame Size:  1000mm W X 2000mm H Aluminium profile with joinaries
  • Portable Bag: Easy to carry portable kit bag 



  • Single and double Sided – Both side non-lit prints
  • Easy to Assemble – Extremely easy to assemble and dismantle.  Simply connect the frame, insert the lights and fit the graphic fabric – done in minutes!
  • Self-Build System – reconfigurable and can be used individually or linked together to fit any event space you have.
  • Portable & Lightweight – The systems is light weight, portable, modular to use. We have the option of packing it in a case or corrugated box.


QuickSEG - 1000mm W x 2000mm H with carry bag

  • Width of the frame: 1000mm 

    Height of the frame : 2000mm

    Depth of the frame: 500mm

    Weight of the frame including the bag: 7 kgs

  • QuickSEG-1000-2000

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